“Will publishing sold data open the door to real estate disrupters?” via The Star

In the seven years the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) was losing its fight to keep the selling prices of property offline, it effectively delayed an incursion from the kind of tech-based disrupters that have rattled the taxi and travel industries.

With sold data on its way to virtually every real estate site in the Toronto area, if not the country, some believe the door is finally open to a new breed of competitor that will challenge the traditional agent-client business model.

Last month, the Supreme Court dismissed TREB’s application to appeal a Competition Tribunal decision that ruled that web-based brokerages — known in the industry as virtual office websites (VOWs) — should be allowed to publish sold data on their websites. All consumers should need in order to access that information online, said the tribunal, was a password such as the one they would use to shop for virtually any other product online.


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