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Daniel is from Montreal, the city of culture and joie de vivre. Daniel has spent most of his career in the construction industry as a project manger on projects that range from industrial to commercial and residential. He spent 10 years running his own construction business in both the industrial and residential markets. Daniel views real estate with a perspective only a seasoned builder can understand. His knowledge of construction gives him the advantage of seeing more than the paint on the walls, but the potential the bones of the property has to be transformed into the buyers home sweet home.

In project management Daniel has learned to listen to his clients, to understand what the client is looking for, what are the important characteristics. Daniel knows what it takes to renovate properties, as he has also taken his own properties and transformed them into homes that make you want to host your friends and family with pride. If you work with Daniel, he can be the difference between finding a property that will make you feel at home or just a property.


Daniel Cayouette

Sales Representative

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